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 Battle of the Teams

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PostSubject: Battle of the Teams   Battle of the Teams EmptySat Jun 19, 2010 9:00 pm

We all know one of the biggest debates in The Hunger Games as we wait for Mockingjay to come out is: who should Katniss end up with? Peeta or Gale?
So until Mockingjay is released on August 24, we’re going to be holding a weekly Battle of the Teams. What this will consist of is your own thoughts on the matter. Either email us at thehungergamestribute@yahoo.com or post here to tell us your thoughts!
This is the way its going to go: The first week send in your thoughts on why Katniss should choose the guy of your choice (Peeta or Gale, we’re not going to go crazy here and argue for Finnick or Cinna). But do not argue why Katniss should not end up with the other! This first Battle of the Teams is to solely express why Katniss should end up with the guy you support. We’ll post the best arguments on the blog, with credit to the author, unless you wish to remain anonymous, which you should indicate in your email/post.
After this first Battle of the Teams, then you may address the points which the other team has brought up and continue to argue your points. Right before Mockingjay comes out we will have the closing arguments for each team, and then finally find out who wins our heroine’s heart, or if perhaps she will decide to be single.
Remember, this is all for fun! So send us your emails or go to the forums to support your Team! After all, you don’t want to have no one argue for your Team.
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Battle of the Teams
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